Copenhagen IV

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Day 3 was our third wedding anniversary.  Hurrah!

We headed off to find Soemods Bolcher (another tip from my Danish friend) which is an old fashioned sweet store and factory where you can see the sweets being made.  On our way we wandered through Rosenborg Have and took a few snaps outside Rosenborg Castle (above) before locating the sweet shop.

Stopping off on the way to pick up some pastries, we managed to find the place before long.  It was a quaint old place and they even gave us a freshly made warm sweet we had just seen being made. 

After stocking up on sweets we headed to Tivoli - a theme park right across the road from central station.  Unfortunately, the sky which had been pleasantly overcast (I honestly love overcast skies) decided to saturate the park in a sudden downpour.  Thankfully it cleared up enough for me to partake in a few rides.

I'm up there somewhere... just look for the lone rider - Dave preferred to keep his feet on the ground.  The Star Flyer was thrilling and made even more so by the fact I'd failed to notice the seatbelts 'til we were on our way down!  It's 80 metres high and gives you a fantastic view of Copenhagen from above.  I'd seen this ride from my hotel room and I was determined to give it a try and I was glad I did.

Nice weather for ducks!

The rain hadn't eased up and I was feeling a bit weary from all the walking so we went back to the hotel for a few hours to recoup before heading back out.  I'm glad we did because I needed a snooze and it helped me enjoy what was to come.

After a lovely dinner at the oldest Italian restaurant in Copenhagen, we went back to Tivoli because at night it is all lit up and a spectacular sight to behold.

You may have noticed my rainbow flag.  On the way back, we had stumbled into the Copenhagen Pride Festival where we found a mug we simply had to get for a friend of ours.  The flag came free.

Tivoli truly was breathtaking by night.  The rain had eased and there were big bands and illuminations to enjoy. I had another go on the Star Flyer to see the view at night then we set off in search of Tiki!

The Brass Monkey  tiki bar is only about 6 months old and was a bit tricky to locate but I'm mighty glad we did.

Dig the hula lamp in the background (click on the pic to make it larger).  I now MUST have one for my own tiki bar. 

The drinks were great and a lot of them were served in tiki mugs which I think is the most important criteria for tiki establishments.  The lighting (and inebriation) made taking pictures difficult but here are a couple of the mugs:

Being a Wednesday, it was a bit of a slow night but this suited us fine as we got to know the manager, Andreas a little better.  I'm really sad that I'm not able to be a regular here and I recommend The Brass Monkey to any tiki enthusiast visiting Copenhagen.  It topped off our day superbly and hope to go back one day. 

You'll also be able to see some Ebbo original paintings hanging from the walls very soon!

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