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Welcome to MoonDoggie's swinging pad. 

It's difficult to take photos of my home.  It's a small one bedroom flat and I have to stand in awkward positions to get some shots BUT I promised photos of my beloved ducks in their new home and felt I had better deliver. 

In the pic on the left you can see my vertigo poster, tiki cushion, disintegrating couch, componibili and stylish red ashtray.  Smoking is not allowed in my home but it was cheap and I bought it for Dave and guests to use outside but now don't want it tarnished with filthy, stinky ash.

I like how most of the things in my home have been blogged about here. In this pic you can see my blossoming tiki area in the distance.  It's above the fish tank and complimented by some of Ebbo's tiki art. The Woodstock poster is proudly displayed on the wall and the ducks fly majestically towards paradise.

I think Wreford, my dwarf hamster's home is quite funky as far as hamster cages go.  It sits upon our Alex drawer units from Ikea, which I've found out are incredibly popular in the blog world (or at least the blogs I follow).

I commented on 1950s Atomic Ranch House yesterday about liking things that other people don't like.  Our flying ducks are one of these things. 

Although popular enough for us to struggle obtaining a set, these Keele Street Pottery ducks from the 50s are 'unfashionable' enough to have caused a bit of debate around here.  Our friends think they're incredibly old-fashioned and out of place in our otherwise modern home.  Well, that's part of why we love them.  They are also one of the few vintage things my husband actually likes and the fact we sought them out together makes them even more special to me.

I'm quite happy with my place when it's tidy.  When it's not (which is sadly quite often) I bemoan the fact that I never have any space to put anything but when I think about it, I'm actually quite happy I've been forced to keep possessions to a minimum.  I manage to display some of my little treasures on my bookshelves.

I'll leave it up to you to find where I've blogged about all these things - it'd be like a treasure hunt... without a prize at the end.

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  1. Nice! Hey, at least you have a room to show off!

    I think we should decorate our homes whatever way WE like them. Our friends, other family and bloggers don't live in our homes, WE do.

    Like I said a while ago, I had a plumber in my house, and the first words out of his mouth were: "Wow, the 1960's, a blast from the past!" and he didn't say it like he was impressed, rather that he was incredulous.

    First of all, it's 1950s, NOT 60's, second of all if you are going to sneer at my style, you won't be hired to work in MY house. ;)

    I wouldn't dream of walking into someone else's home and being rude about their style, no matter how much I disliked it. Hey, THEY do, and isn't that all that matters? =)

  2. oh dear moondoggie woman, i wish i could have live in a place HALF as freaking cool as this! i'm so jealous that you are able to make my dreamy design loves a reality. what a very nicely done, cozy palace. i can really imagine kicking back with a cup of tea, a blanket and a book during a snowy day ... so nice! i almost wish you could take a photo at xmas time - if you decorate that is (tree).

    even your hamster's home is awesome! i know what you mean about how much nicer your place is when it's tidy. i think we all feel that way :) i get almost a high off it.

  3. 1950s - Unbelievable! I'm becoming less and less of a people person as I get older. What makes people think it's ok to criticise - especially when they're on a paid job?

    Ally - Thankyou for saying such lovely things about my home. I see so many amazing places on the net that my home seems dull in comparison.

    Interesting you should mention photos at Christmas time I DID post some here last year although we didn't really decorate it as much as you may think:

  4. Very cool! My fave part is the hamster home.

  5. Hey MoonDoggie... I have another 1960's-70's movie for you.

    Remember the orange globe floor lamp you mentioned a while ago? Well I saw one, in orange, in the movie I watched last night. First 15 minutes they show it, matter of fact.

    Set in the 1970, it's a sweet coming of age story that has some great interior design shots I think you will love.

    It's called: "Now and Then" made in 1995 with an all-star cast. You will appreciate it. =).

  6. Hey, Moonie!
    Your pad looks just as groovy as I suspected it would. Crisp and modern with a vintage flair... VERY you! Wish I could beam over there and take a tour in person; I'd love to see all your trinkets close-up. What FUN we'd have, too, just talking and sharing... :)

    Btw, in my next life, I want to come back as a hamster so I can live in Wreford's funky bubble home! You don't think he'd mind a flat mate, do you? ;)

  7. Thanks Sadako! :)

    1950s - I did see that movie when it came out but think i'ts time for another watch, don't you?

    Anthony - I'd love you to visit! It WOULD be fun. Let me know next time you're in town ;) I'll ask Wreford about the flatmate thing...