Teen Life Circa '69

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I've just finished 'flicking through' another vintage scan of Teen Magazine from Retrospace

This edition is from July 1969 and mentions the infamous event of Jim Morrison being arrested for public exposure. In fact the writer of the piece goes on at length about it and declares that "What he's doing is fueling the anti-youth forces with hi-octane arguments for banning concerts, pop festivals, teenage fairs, youth clubs and teen hops".  He goes on to say:
Everyone who knows Jim knows Jim has a drinking problem which gets him into scrapes like this. He'd be a better man without the kickapoo juice.
Kickapoo juice?
There is quite a bulky feature on Creedence Clearwater Revival, articles on diet and exercise and quite interesting to read was the 'Mommas & Poppas' section where they printed letters from parents about the magazine.  

We are also treated to pearls of wisdom from Miss Teenage America 1969, Melissa Babish.  Wisdom such as; "Long hair is okay on boys if it is kept combed" and that mini-skirts "should be off-limits for fat legs and anyone over 30".  Very zen. (image source)

An article on computer dating is accompanied by appropriate high tech imagery:

As usual I'm intrigued and entertained by the advertisements that appear in these magazines. Love these 'Tan Fan' compacts:

I wish I could still send away for the funky flower decals:

or Doc Sendof's Turn On Kit:
Ebbo would be thrilled if I ordered a 'Boyfriend Pillow' with his face on it.  It even comes with pom pom tassels!  Odd choice of boyfriend to adorn the pillow in the ad though:

If you'd like to read the entire issue go to Retrospace for the download.
You can read about my thoughts on the June 1970 issue here.


  1. I'm laying of the kickapoo juice from now on. The Solarcane add cracks me up as well, you can tell skin cancer wasn't a worry.

  2. Oh yes, the '60's! Grew up through that decade.......quite a learning curve it was! We've come a long way and let's not forget it was mainly because of, and maybe in spite of , the 60's.

  3. This is truly awesome! Mini-skirts "should be off-limits for fat legs and anyone over 30"? Miss Teenage America was a bubblehead!

  4. lol @ the melissa babish..

    she was married to a football player, i think, and divorced after 18 mo