60s Style

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Pam at retro renovation uploaded her 1966 Sherwin Williams paint brochure a few days a go and I've been swooning over these colourful chairs ever since.  Can you see the matching stools in the background too?
Does anyone know if these chairs have a name?

I've become a bit fixated on them but there were other snippets of inspiration in the rest of the catalogue too.  Despite the lemon tree 'feature', I quite like the look of this yellow themed bathroom: 

It seems so bright and fresh.  Blue bathrooms are everywhere and I'm sick of them (sorry 'blue bathroomers') so maybe this is the way to go.  I think the teal accessories stop it from looking too yellow (notice I said 'teal' and not 'blue').
Another example of my love for white joined with bold colour: 

I think the cupboards look really cool but I would probably keep the walls white.
I'm not so keen on this room but like the look of the green window seat with white piping, or whatever you call that.

You can see the rest of the catalogue here and pics from a 1967 catalogue here.


  1. I actually think green one is quite fetching.

  2. I love the first picture. It's so bright and peppy. And reminds me of the dark browns and greens and oranges of the 1970s that are to come. We should have stuck with the technicolor lifestyle!

  3. Some great pictures, I wish I knew the name of the chairs.