Before They Were Bradys...

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Haven't done a Brady Bunch related post for a while but came across something I found interesting.

Someone on YouTube posted commercials featuring some of the Brady kids before they were Bradys.

We have Greg obsessing over Milky Way bars (c1968);

Marcia conversing with her Chatty Cathy doll (c1964);

and Peter with his Fun Pack Carry-all Action Playset (c1968).

Maureen McCormick was such a beautiful child.  Enjoy!


  1. Yeah, Maureen McCormick WAS a beautiful child/teen, but THEN what happened? She looks real freaky lately, especially in those television spots she does for the starving children in Africa! Have you seen those? She talks about a poor little girl named "Loveness" (sp?), but Maureen looks WORSE than poor Loveness... WHAT happened??

    Anyway, watching the old (before they were Brady Kids) commercials was a real hoot! I must say my fave is the Chatty Dolls one, with Maureen. That 'Charm 'n' Chatty' model sorta creeps me out, the way you slide the little records in and out of her side. Those records DO provide over 100 sayings, however. Yeah, like, "Ouch, mommy, that really HURTS!" and "Don't you love me, mommy?".

    Fun post! :D

  2. This should be a regular post! Love it!!!

  3. What a great post - fun seeing them before the series.

  4. Anthony - haven't seen those ads but don't think I'll look for them either. Would probably shatter all my illusions.

    Pam & Copyboy - Thanks! Not sure if I'll find anymore pre-Brady stuff but maybe for some other famous people... I'll see what I can do.