Boot Sale Booty

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 Last weekend Dave's mother and brother came to visit from the midlands. This was great as I finally had someone to go to a bootsale with me as Dave is VERY reluctant. We found some bargains, for sure.

I finally found me some 'Little Forks' - in their own box too.  I've been after some for quite a while as they remind me of staying at my grandmother's.  They'll come in handy at Christmas.

Also found this serving tray in its original packaging:

I was excited to come across 'The Monkees Annual' from 1967.  It's not in great condition as some of the pages have unsightly stains but I'd never come across one before (there are LOADS on eBay).

 I think I might scan some pages later to share with you good folks.  Until then, ta-ta!


  1. Did you find those cool forks in Clarksville?

  2. No, just before I got on the train to San Antone.

  3. The colors of the handles on those forks are positively luminous!

  4. Not only are those "Little Forks", but they're "High Class Little Forks" and are so, so awesome!

  5. ha ha - I didn't really notice the 'high class' bit. Who knew you could buy all that class for only 50p?

  6. Great finds! Love that tray.

  7. great finds, Im loving those forks such cute colours ;-) dee

  8. Gotta love the monkees. Mikes my fav guy!
    I have never owned any of those cute little
    folks!? Can't work out why, maybe they were
    out in the late 70's.
    Have a great week,
    PS Sure I had plenty of those trays though;)
    Mikes mum invented tip X just for ME!

  9. Thanks Jim and Delia.

    Sue - Micky was always my favourite but now I'm older I have a bit of a soft spot for Mike too.

  10. Hi, your right Micky was pretty cool too!
    Have a great week we are having fine spring
    weather so I better enjoy it. Cheers, Sue