Tiki Mail

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I was excited to welcome my new pals into my home this morning.  Above is an Orchids of Hawaii R-12 mug.  Below is a Trader Dick's 'Nugget' Moai and a KC Co Ltd 'God of Money' mug.

I got some tiki bits and bobs too.  I have been looking around for tiki style swizzlers and matchbooks so these came as a very nice surprise.

They are from the Canadian chain of Beachcomber Polynesian Restaurants which closed down in 1981.  The pictures below are of the Edmonton restaurant but these could have come from one of its other locations.
 Images from Critiki

In other news, I 'invented' my own tiki drink on Friday night.  I use inverted commas because surely  someone else is bound to have used the combination before.  Regardless, I think it tasted very nice.  If you're interested, why not try the MoonDoggie? I used:

1 shot of white rum (bacardi)
1 shot of spiced rum (Captain Morgan's)
2 shots of coconut rum (Malibu)
1 shot of grenadine
Fill the rest up with pineapple juice and SHAKE.