Eat, Drink and Be Merry

17:11:00 MoonDoggie 8 Comments

We got back from New York a few days ago and I'm afraid to say I'm still recovering.  
We had a fabulous time but...

It's New Year's Eve and I'm sick.

I couldn't face a mammoth post right now but couldn't resist showing you my latest acquisition - a vintage drinks tray!  It needs a bit of a clean and has a bit of wear but that just shows it's had a life.  The perfect tray for a New Year's party but I'm not sure I can face leaving the house (or my blanket) right now.

Here's hoping that everyone has an amazing 2011!

Oh yeah - and does anyone have any cleaning tips for vintage metal trays?


  1. Sucks your sick, feel better. Love the tray! I would just suggest warm sudsy water? Nothing too harsh? Good luck! Enjoy your New Year's!

  2. feel better! NYC is crawling with germs, it's no wonder. ;) that tray is FAB, i second warm soapy water unless there is rust or tarnish... for that i would recommend a product called "bartenders friend" that i have found works wonders on rust, grease, etc without ruining surfaces.

  3. Well done! Did you make it out of NY before the blizzard hit? I managed to scoot back up to CT Christmas night. It sucks you had to travel with all kinds of weather on both ends.

  4. That is a great tray. Ditto on the bartenders friend. I use it on stainless steel surfaces to keep them sparkly without scratching.

  5. Glad you got to make your trip but sorry you're feeling under the weather now. All of us have been feeling that way too. Ugh! Hope you're better soon.

    I love your tray. There's a product called Gel-Gloss that is made to clean fiberglass, but I used it for everything.(It works wonders on my ceramic top stove.) Also, my daughter said she heard on American Pickers that Liquid Gold is good to clean enamel signs, so it should work on a tray. Bartender's Friend is good too.

  6. Happy New Year Moondoggie! I'm sorry to hear you'er so sick. My husband and I are just getting over a bug that we had for 3 weeks, ugh. Get well soon, and have a fantastic 2011!

  7. Thanks all for your cleaning tips. I'm not sure if Bartender's friend is available over here but I'll scour the internet.

    monogirl - We were there for the blizzard. We were scheduled to fly out the day JFK was closed. Fortunately, our flight wasn't til the evening so it still flew (after a 6 hour delay).