Raise the Candles High

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A few friends popped over last night and turned a quiet evening into an unexpected drinking session.  After they left, I was a bit messy so I turned to my beloved 60s music collection to keep me company while I sobered up a bit before bed (Dave was in no fit state). 

This has left me obsessed with Melanie  - especially her song Lay Down (Candles in the Rain).

Melanie Safka wrote Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) about her experience at Woodstock in 1969.  During her performance, the crowd waved lit candles.  There seems to be various explanations as to why they did this, but it obviously moved Melanie enough to write the song. 

The song affects me - even when not intoxicated.  Melanie's voice is so passionate and I think the lyrics are beautiful.

I gotsa to get me a furry hat like this one!

Read into the lyrics what you will:
lay down lay down, lay it all down
let your white birds smile up at the
ones who stand and frown

we were so close there was no room
we bled inside each others wounds
we all had caught the same disease
and we all sang the songs of peace

some came to sing, some came to pray
some came to keep the dark away

so raise the candles high
cause if you don't we could stay
black against the sky
oh oh raise them higher again
and if you do we could stay dry against the rain


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=530Hqoamf3Q
    Have you seen this on youtube?

  2. Yes I have MCMadam - I spent a LONG time on youtube last night :)

    There's this as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZUdzr9e2GQ&feature=related

  3. Isn't it great we can revisit the early years through youtube? I love it!

  4. I wonder what happened to her.

  5. Barbara - she's still around and still performing (new album out this year).

    Her website: http://www.melaniesmusic.com/
    blog: http://melaniesafka.blogspot.com/
    and twitter: http://twitter.com/melaniesafka

  6. Love Melanie! She is so under appreciated, it's good to see this post. I really enjoy her cover of Lover's Cross.