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Another reason to be jealous of Californians - they can visit the Shag store

Shag art oozes coolness - I even love the store logo (moondoggie colours - no less). 
I'm not sure how this painting escaped my attention:

It is based on the 1968 Peter Sellers movie, The Party which I posted about in April (see here for some comparison screen shots).

I also quite like the London flavour of this piece (note the buildings in the background), which was created for the London Luau in 2007.

Whatever happened to the London Luau? I so want to go.

You can see some more of Shag's work at


And Now For Something Completely Different...

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Monty Python in 1969
image via
I love Monty Python, me.
I was first introduced to their inane brilliance as a child by my father who would play Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album in the car.  Mum was not a fan, so this was probably the only place he could indulge in this pleasure (when she was not in the car, of course).
I like their movies but I really like their television series which ran from 1969 to 1974. 
I know that Monty Python's comedy is not to everybody's tastes but I wanted to share an incredibly silly sketch that makes me happy.  Here are Eric Idle and Graham Chapman in all their ridiculous glory:

Face the Press


I Read the News Today, Oh Boy...

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I just heard that John Lennon's scrawled handwritten lyrics for 'A Day in the Life' sold for $1.2 million (over £810,000)!  I like the song, but not THAT much.  The haunting song (well, I find it haunting) was the final track on the Sergeant Pepper album released in 1967.  Who are these people that can spend that much money on what is effectively an old piece of paper with writing on it?

I love to turn you on...


Give Me Shelter

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image via retro@home
I really like the look of this bird shelter.  It was originally designed by Malcolm Leland in 1954 but has been reissued by Vessel.  Vessel also has some cool planters and this funky cool light:


Fly Me to the Moon

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image via Travel Sentry

I came across the above picture of air hostesses in the 1960s. Apparently the uniforms were designed by Emilio Pucci for Braniff Airlines (which confuses me as the plane has PSA on its tail).  This impressed me enough and then I learned that Alexander Girard designed some of their planes!

Not so sure about this space bubble though - it was meant to protect them from the rain.

image via RDuJour

Girard designed airport lounge:

image via RDuJour

Not sure about the particulars of this cabin photo but I particularly love the bored looking girl on the bottom right:


Now YOU'LL Wonder Where The Yellow Went

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I wanted to know more about the poster advertising Pepsodent that was featured in my last post.  The musical notes surrounding the words, "you'll wonder where the yellow went" indicated there must have been an accompanying jingle.  So I went to YouTube and tadaaaa....

It dates from 1957 so is probably the one circulating the airwaves in Britain at the time the poster was on display.  There were many others, including this extended American one:

Apparently they used the same animations but just voiced them over in the appropriate accent for each country. After listening to a few, I can tell you - that jingle really does get stuck in your head!


Even More London Transport Love

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The wall of vintage posters above are in the same state of display as they were around 1959! 

The glorious array of posters were uncovered in a disused passageway at Notting Hill Gate Station on the London Underground.

I was thrilled to find this post by Quad Royal about the discovery, particularly because the walls include a poster by Victor Galbraith which I featured in my London Transport Love post last month.

I adore this toothpaste ad (and I do wonder where the yellow went):

Two other favourites:

You can see more pictures on this flickr set and more info on Quad Royal's post.

I was alerted to this post by a tweet from Atomic Indy.


Marvelous Monkees

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I forgot to say, my lovely mother-in-law also gave me this Monkees album, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.  She tells me that she bought it back in 1967 - as soon as the record came out.  So cool!

Did I ever tell you how much I love The Monkees?


Marvelous Midlands

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You may have noticed that I've been absent for a few days.  We returned yesterday from a sojourn to the Midlands.  The above picture is of the Bull Ring Selfridges Building in Birmingham - not mid century but pretty cool all the same.

We also popped into Worcester, which was a surprise hit - a very lovely city filled with Tudor buildings and friendly people.  We weren't so impressed with our planned destination, Stratford-upon-Avon (of Shakespeare fame) but I found the area around Anne Hathaway's cottage quite picturesque:

And I did think this plaque outside the Shakespeare Centre Library (just up from Shakespeare's house) was quite cool:

It was a great little break and at the end of it all, my generous mother-in-law gave me this Jersey Pottery piece after I mentioned that I liked the pattern.  It's a posy holder or pomander but seems to be quite rare in this green colour.

Back at work tomorrow sadly, so we're going out for dinner tonight to pretend we're still on a holiday.  Hope you've all had great weekends!


Dove Birds

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lenacorwin via flickr

Told you I had a thing for mid century animal ceramics lately... 
This pair of doves are adorable.  The owner got them from a thrift shop but there's no mention of a make so far.


Besotted with Bitossi

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Since I discovered Bitossi ceramics yesterday, I have become besotted with them - particularly with pieces designed by Aldo Londi.  The Rimini Blue line seems to be the most famous but I also like the smooth lines of the Arkitectura range.

via germanmodernist on flickr

via decor8 on flickr

via eBay

I don't know what range the lamp in the last picture was from. If you know, please tell me.