Monkee Trousers

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On Friday afternoon, I declared to Dave that I did not want to do anything over the weekend.  By Friday evening, I had had a few cocktails and declared that I simply MUST go see The Monkees. So, Dave made a few calls and the next day we were heading up to Birmingham.

It was brilliant. 

I've been a fan of the Monkees ever since I first saw the Monkeemobile roll across my television screen as a child. "The Monkeemobile!" my father cried and I was hooked.

Back in the NIA, Birmingham, the background screen flashed images and scenes from 45 years ago and I was far enough from the stage to pretend the guys (minus Mike Nesmith) were still young and sexy - they sounded very good indeed.

Three of The Monkees - Peter, Davy and Micky
(to the right of the bloke in the white shirt )
The show was broken into two parts with an intermission, which I'm not used to.  Despite second half including lesser known music from their movie, Head (complete with belly dancer), almost all of my favourite tunes were played.  The 'lads' swapped instruments so many times it made the old 'they don't play their own instruments' accusation laughable.

Here's Micky playing the kettle drum while they perform one of most favourite songs, Randy Scouse Git:

Micky told about how when they first came to England in 1967, the Beatles threw them a party (quoth Micky, "I was told I had a great time").  When he woke up, 'Til Death Us Do Part was on telly and Alf Garnett was shouting out 'Randy Scouse Git'.  Micky thought that was a great song title but unfortunately it had to be released as 'Alternate Title' here in the UK.  I've never really understood why they had to rename it even though Alf Garnett was allowed to shout it out on television.

I was so very glad, I was able to experience The Monkees live at least once in my life.  I didn't think I could love them any more, but I do.

Back in the day
via Dangerous Minds
Live 45 years ago
via Big Glee!


  1. Sigh.The Monkees!! Fun the hear about your adventure.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time. My first husband was in the Army and in Viet Nam at the height of the Monkees phenomenon, and I remember recording Daydream Believer to send to him. Married or not, I thought Peter Tork was such a doll...LOL

  3. What fun!! I watch their old shows on the telly. Was a Davey fan, but not as much as I liked David Cassidy lol

  4. I never fancied Peter 'Dork' - obviously I was too influenced by the character he played because looking at him on the big screen on Saturday(young version) made me rethink that.

    I was always attracted to Micky's personality but thought Davy was too short for me (sigh). Mike never really had a look-in either but I've been growing increasingly attracted to him as I re-watch the show now I'm older.

  5. I was such a fan in the late 80s. I even had a fanzine for them, I went to conventions, I interviewed Micky for a New York newspaper as a kid reporter, I was known as Long Island's biggest Monkees fan. Micky and Peter were my favorites :)

  6. Ally - I remember reading that on your blog before and it still impresses me. Sooooo cool.

  7. How FUN!
    I really dig that pic of you at the concert. It's nice to actually SEE you once in a while! ;)