Power Planters

22:43:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

Way back in March, Obsessilicious posted about these planters from Habitat that wouldn't be available 'til May.  Since then I've been habitually checking the website for them to arrive.  They were finally in stock a week or so ago but I had to sweet talk Dave into it because the dimensions were quite large and our living space quite small.

I'm pleased to say my order is placed with a 20% discount and free postage (get in!) but they don't seem to be stocking the middle sized green one anymore which is a shame.  Now to find the right plants...


  1. That is cute and a discount and free shipping, can't beat that!


  2. Oh, these are so cute! I'm going to try to find out if they're available in the States. I'd love for us to sell these in the store.

  3. They will look great in your place!

    I bought a couple small planters (chargers, I think they call them) and I have yet to put a plant in them, I like them just the way they are!