Moving On

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I've been MIA in the blogging world recently because there's been a lot going on in my real world lately.
The most important is the decision for us to move house!  

We've applied for a place and I'm pretty sure we won't get turned down.  Yes, unfortunately we'll still be renting but when our current landlord recently decided to up our rent we decided to find somewhere else. We've managed to find a 2 bedroom apartment for the same price as we would have had to pay here and it's so much roomier.

We're having fun planning how we're going to use the space and we'll FINALLY get the new bed and sofa we've needed for so long.

I'm also hoping to do something to the bar area like the mod detailing seen under the bar in this picture:

via Jill Browning on Pinterest

Any ideas how I could achieve this look with limited funds? 


  1. I know that Crestview Doors, a company out of Austin, TX, makes 2'x2' MDF panels that look very similar to the front of that bar. They only cost $39 a panel, but I have no idea what it would cost to ship them to you. I think it would even be cute if you centered 1, 2 or 3 of them on the bar instead of covering the entire area with them. Here's a link:

  2. I was also thinking MDF and a jigsaw!! The big home improvement stores over here will make cuts for you in the store (you get the first few cuts for free then you have to pay a small fee). That would take care of the squares. Then you could surely rent a jigsaw somewhere and cut out the insides. That's probably where I would start. Good luck!

  3. yay! New space and more room to decorate and put things in!!

  4. Thank you for the suggestions guys.
    Dana - those boards are fabulous. I couldn't find out if they shipped out of USA but the costs are probably prohibitive.

    Jill - I'll have to see if they'll do the mdf thing for me over here. I think I'd ruin it myself but Dave might be able to manage (if we find a jigsaw).

    1950s - double yay! Although I think I've got enough stuff now. Who am I kidding - we'll be buying more. Need bar stools for a start.

  5. MoonDoggie -
    What about wooden box frames from Ikea with the back taken off and glass out? They're not too expensive, come in different sizes and are paintable.

    K xx

  6. Wow that of the bar decor is just lovely, Fingers crossed for you! x

  7. Oooh What a brilliant idea Keshling - I'll check it out.

    Missy - thanks :D

  8. best of luck to you. new is always exciting. i wish i could have those tables and chairs in the pic :)

  9. MoonDoggie - good luck with the move and keeping my fingers crossed for you. I LOVE this photo. Perhaps some searches on eBay might turn up similar style chairs for you. IKEA might have chairs like that as someone else mentioned...

  10. Dear MoonDoggie, as usual I love the mod ideas you fav. Your new dress is fab!!! You could jazz it up with bright tights and knee high boots maybe???? I have been there and done that but still a fun look.
    Goodluck and happy times in your brightly coloured new pad ;)
    xo Sue