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I came across this gorgeous Lisa Jones silk screen print via Pinterest (I'd repin all your pins if I didn't stop myself, Jill Browning!).  I love the use of one feature colour.  It reminds me of some of the illustrations in the mid-century nursery rhyme book I picked up from a car boot sale a few years back.

Titled simply, 'Town', it is available through Soma Gallery.  It's inspiring me to do some designing again (as soon as I find the time).


  1. So pretty! And good to see posts from you again. I miss them when you're in absentia.

  2. awww thanks - life just keeps getting in the way :(

  3. You go right ahead and pin away, darlin'!! That's what it's there for! Glad you're enjoying it. And glad to see a post from you. I've not had much time for blogging either. ;)