More Tea for Two

16:54:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

Further to my Tea for Two post yesterday, I want a really cool teapot to go with my really cool tea infuser.  I have a couple vintage coffee pots but they're not quite what I'm after.  
These new ones from Mod Cloth caught my eye:
 Not sure why I can't ever find really cool mod teapots like this one of Jenn Ski's:

There are some nice sets in H is for Home's shop:

And there are some right up my alley on Wooden Donkey's flickr stream but I can't repost the photos and it appears their shop site is down. Please say you haven't closed the store, Wooden Donkey!


  1. I think my favorite of the teapots you pictured is the blue set on the bottom. Of course, a nice solid color one in red or orange or blue would look great with those infusers too. I still can't get over how cute the submarine and robot are!

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