Tea for Two

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I have been a bad, bad blogger... *hangs head in shame*

So to get back in the swing of things I'm just gonna try to post stuff, even if it seems really random.
For instance, I was in a tea shop today - I mean a shop that sells tea, not a cafe - and I wanted to buy some of the flavoured teas.  I was reminded that I'd actually need a tea pot (since it comes in leaf form not in bags).

AHA! - I thought - I have a vintage coffee pot that could suffice, despite it being a little big.  But then I'd also need a tea strainer which I don't have.  A tea infuser was then suggested, which I very nearly bought before realising that I was sure I'd seen some cooler tea infusers somewhere on 't' interwebs'.

Enter the yellow submarine...

However, I'm not sure about how being made of plastic would affect the tea so I may get this adorable robot instead...

Suggestions welcome :)


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  2. I am a tea drinker and have tea infusers but nothing so spectacular as these.

  3. Those are just too cute for words!

  4. @Dana I know! :)

    @Bonnie Do you have plastic ones? I'm worried that the plastic would alter the taste.

  5. No mine are metal. No taste problem that I can appreciate.