Diet Vintage Style

16:15:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

All this blogging has not really encouraged a healthy lifestyle. I spend far too much time on the computer - it's just so darn addictive!

While thinking how I should get up and get active, my thoughts naturally turned to vintage diet techniques. So instead of getting up, I've decided to blog about it instead.
Although outside of my usual mid-century bracket, I just had to include the first one - sanitized tape worms will banish the enemy that is shortening my life!

Gum, jelly, pills and some kind of equipment that looks like a vaccuum cleaner were also invaluable in the quest for a perfect figure - according to the advertising of the time at least.

For more great diet related mid century advertising, visit this flickr pool.


  1. Brill I heard tape worms were the way forward lol. my mum had lots of strange diet gadeget ( at least i think they were :/ now go and do some exercise moondoggie ;P

  2. Great add, specially the last one. Great outfit...the model looks like "Rainbow Bright".

    I included your button in my blog. You don't mind, right ?

  3. It must have been a relief to know that the easily-to-swallow TAPE WORMS were first sanitized... for your protection, of course! I also like that, according to the ad, no baths are necessary. So, there must have been stinky worm-eating people running around back then thinking they were healthy and attractive!