A Doggie Went A-Hunting

23:53:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

Had quite a busy day hunting for coolness. Went to a car boot sale and managed to get some super things at great prices.

First find was this tiki glass float decoration. I was really pleased to find this as there isn't much tiki around in England. Think I'll probably replace the 'net' with one made by my own hands though. I just really wanted the glass float.

Then I saw this wonderful vintage Cadbury Biscuit tin. It has what seems to be mid century illustrations of knights jousting with medieval looking emblems on the side. It's so bright and colourful it makes me happy to look at it. Not sure of the date yet. I hope it's not one of those reproduction tins, but then again, I like it so much I don't really care if it is.

My final purchase was a nursery rhyme book illustrated by Esme Eve. This 1958 edition has seen better days but most of the pages are still in good condition and the illustrations are divine. These would look gorgeous framed but I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with them. They are so lovely to look at.

We also had a drive around some local villages in search of mid century English houses, which I will post on another time. Hope you're all having great weekends so far!


  1. ha ha ha ha...I also hate that silly girly behaviour... This piece is a total burlesque!

    Hey, when are you adding me to your blog list ?

    (ha ha ha, I don't want to be pushy, never mind what I just said.) Doggie, I'm going to try and make a button about your blog just like Tikimama did to ours, if you don't mind. Let me know if it's ok with you.

    Keep in touch !!!

  2. Geez... talk about pushy! ;)
    It was a genuine oversight that I hadn't added you to my blog list.
    Btw, I've added a button now that people can use - saves you from making your own. Thanks for the continued support - I'll return the favour :)

  3. Some good finds well done :) its good to haggle :)x

  4. That Mother Goose book is a treasure! I've never heard of that illustrator, but I love his/her style. Color me envious!