Wonderful World of Jim Flora

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I am becoming increasingly interested in mid-century art. Not that I wasn't before... the interest is just rapidly INCREASING. Somehow I came across Jim Flora. Not sure how but most probably blog surfing and his work has stuck with me since.

He did quite a few funky album covers. I found this montage on flickr.

He illustrated and wrote a few children's books as well. Here are a few of my favourites.

The Day the Cow Sneezed

Written and Illustrated by James Flora


A Red Skel[e]ton In Your Closet

Some more of his art that I found on the Jim Flora website - http://www.jimflora.com/.


And for a touch of synchronicity, I found his art used on an Esquivel album,whom I have also featured here on moondoggie.



  1. Jim Flora seems to be top of the list of 'artists who inspire me' for lots of today's artists who are channeling that mid-century vibe. I kinda stumbled on Flora, too, probably through Derek Yaniger, who I discovered on some Tiki website. Sooooo coooooool!

  2. I would agree with both, of you in that, Jim Flora is very cool. He is probably one of the most notable Mid-Century Illustrators. Just as a hint, you may want to google Mid-Century Illustrations for other cool art and artists.

  3. Beautiful post, I found him too and don't remember where. Moondoggie, isn't it awesome how everytime we post something about mid-century art or Googie style, etc. Tikimama and Jem n' tonic already know about it? I love how well read this guys are, I guess living (or lived) in California gives them so much of this that we crave. I'm I right, or is it only me, that just started this research (although interested in it long ago) just a few weeks ago. You don't get to see much of that in Canada; I guess it's because of the weather.

  4. Can't speak for JEM, but remember, Veronica, I'm (*gasp*) 40 years old! I'm thinking you and MoonDoggie are quite a bit younger! And, yes, living in California makes it easy to pick up on a lot of this mid-century trivia!

    I just got Derek Yaniger's email update, and wanted to let you know he's having a show in Brighton in June! Don't know my English geography well enough to know if that's close enough for you to attend, MoonDoggie. Check this out, and scroll down til you see the bit about this show (of course all the other stuff is pretty cool, too!) http://www.derekart.com/news/

  5. Sorry to be so late to respond to this one. I guess I forgot to check the follow up link on this one. To gasp once more Tikimama check out my blog for Monday May 11th and my age will be revealed with some of my favorite illustrators.

    Thanks for the comment of "well read" Veronica!