Got wood?

17:30:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

I find so many cool things while browsing Etsy but this wooden wall art really stood out to me. It would look so cool in my dream house! This piece comes in different stains and there are also some side and coffee tables. I also think this headboard is pretty special.

I wish I had the money to buy even one tenth of all the things I want.

Experience the coolness at mstrf's shop.


  1. reminds me of a piece of furniture this friend had. All the rectangles and squares of the composition were actually doors and drawers, and it also had different stains. Only one of the holes was empty and without a door for the T.V. Yes, it was huge.

  2. I love this look, too! My husband thought I was nutso when I saved all the bits of wood(grained laminate) that came in the packaging of my Ikea Billy bookshelves. I told him I wanted to make an art piece - he just rolled his eyes. When we moved, I got rid of them because they had not magically turned into said artpiece...but I'm in the market for more Billys, so we'll see!

    Thanks for all your Etsy hunting - something I don't have much time for - you find good stuff!

  3. These are really cool. You know, with 3 different sheets of plywood and some wood stain you could make something very similar. Then you could adjust it to be the exact size and so forth. If I ever get my furniture all built and stuff maybe I'll do a "DIY How to", on it for a post.