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I've finally added some more Ebbo Art to my shop on Etsy.

Three new pieces (in order of photographs below): Nuclear Spring, Quattro Stagioni and Bank Holiday Monday.

Bank Holiday Monday takes the prize for strangest title so far but that's the artist for you. ;)

So far I have only added Nuclear Spring to misi (I got a bit fed up of it) but I have also listed this musical jewellery box. You may remember this box from my first antique shopping experience in the post, My Antique Fair Lady.

To see more images, please click on the photos or visit my shops through the links on the sidebars.

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  1. Went and checked out the new art last night - very cool! Your husband is one talented artist. I really love how the giant squid's face disappears over the edge of that painting!

    Oh, how I wish I had lots of extra dollars to spend on all the art I love!

    Pretty jewellery box, too!