Atomically Correct

19:20:00 MoonDoggie 7 Comments

Hooray! Oh, happy day! My super cool bag from Atomic Livin' has finally arrived. You may remember that I posted about these funky bags before. Well, it took me a long time but I finally decided on my favourite and ordered.

The fabric is gorgeous and softer than I expected. My bag is exceedingly well made and even had my ever-fussy husband's seal of approval! Here is a closer look at the fabric pattern which combines atomic style with tiki/polynesian elements. Just how I like it!

The only disappointment is the cursed customs office! They only charged about £3.50 tax but an extra £8 for handling fees!! Whacking a sticker on the box must take a lot of hard work. Regardless of this, my bag was worth it. I fully recommend Atomic Livin' bags. Please visit Robin's etsy shop - she's a lovely person, a great seamstress and she's even having a SALE!


  1. Ooooh, we are matchy-matchy now! Just now I posted about our trip to Disneyland where I took my bag. I was very impressed when I received mine as well, so much that my girls are each getting a Mini-Me bag of their own! Okay, let's see a pic of you with your stylish new accessory!

  2. Ha get a good pic of you and bag ;P I do like it looks cool (better than cushion lol) hope it brings you joy x

  3. Ha ha I knew you were gonna ask for a picture of me with it! I was almost gonna write it in the post too.
    Coz - don't be a cushion hater! and thanks for wishing joy upon me :D

  4. Your selection is Solid! I DIG IT!

    You should follow the trend. Be a sheeple. Just Do It! I mean... don't you want to be an individual just like the rest of us.

  5. MoonDoggie Darlin', I'm SO HAPPY that you love your bag!! :)
    Drat those danged, annoying customs dolts!@!

    It's so kind of you to say such loverly things about my stuff and my person. Thankya muchly!!

    I AM having a sale, that ends TODAY at midnight...BUT...anyone reading MoonDoggies post is eligible for a 10% discount on a bag, for the next MONTH (just tell me WHERE you heard about it!).

    I have NO MORE of that fab tiki atomic fabric, however! Our MoonDoggie got the LAST ONE. But, I've got 46 (and counting) different, gorgeous bags to choose from and some new patterns that are to d.i.e. for! ;)

    Cheers All!

  6. Gorgeous I love the colors and the fabric! Just stunning! ♥