Red Sky At Night...

20:30:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

Sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning - Sailors take warning.

The sky was amazing on Monday night. The clouds were particularly menacing.
It was threatening to storm... but didn't, which is often the case in England. I love a good storm. I love to feel the electricity building in the air. It just feels like such a let down to me when all that power is unreleased.


  1. I know what you mean! In fact, we've been having a LOT of June-gloom lately, here in California. But NO rain...
    I absolutely love a good storm, as well. A real raucus thunder storm is the best!
    Just the other night we were woken up by a thunder clap so huge that it set off car alarms, but THAT was it! Nothing more. Talk about a letdown!

  2. Good pic just to say that we say "shepards" not sailer!! lol

  3. With all that obsession of useless, or unreleased energy, are you sure you're not a control Freak? Just Kidding! :) I like the image. The sky is very mesmerizing.

  4. Amazing photo! Even though Anthony and I only live about 40 miles apart, I guess the storm hit a lot harder where I am. We had thunderclaps, lightning and rain all night! It was pretty funny when the car alarms kept going off.