Shop Update

21:24:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

I have been slowly adding things to the art and vintage sections of my etsy shop.
I now have
  • a funky staffordshire potteries teapot,

  • 2 pseudo atomic plates,

  • the funky blue patterned plate I blogged about not so long ago, and

  • a gorgeous, wooden musical jewellery box

in my vintage section. You may have seen them show up in my widgets on the side bar from time to time.

Dave's also been quite busy and I've finally added a few more of his paintings to the Ebbo Art section.

My current favourites are 'Supposed Biscay';

and 'Vengeance de la Fromage';

(or 'Revenge of the Cheese' to those like me, who don't speak french).

Yes, folks, that really is two dead mice, presumably led to their deaths by an oppressive piece of cheese. It makes me laugh but I also think the mice are quite sweet.

My husband has a load of scribbles like this in notepads around the flat. He used to have quite a penchant for onions as well. One particularly lean year, he designed some onion related gift cards to attach to our Christmas presents.

You may also remember 'Pecking Order' from a previous post.

What can I say? His sense of humour is part of what I love about him. So Jem, you really needn't worry that the art featured on this blog is becoming too refined as I'm sure he's got a lot more of this kind of thing in him!

As a bit of a teaser, there's also a new tiki offering coming up soon.

Hey Atomic Livin'! There's even a bit of orange in this one! ;)


  1. Tiki! Orange Tiki! I can just tell Atomic's gonna want that one!

    I'd seen "Vengeance" before, and it made me laugh. I'll go check out everything you've got listed. I sure wish I could buy more, but I'm kinda still in trouble from the last things I bought ;)

  2. Hey, big surprise, I'm back.
    I like the new plates and the teapot...but...I love the little squirrel (rabbit?) and hedgehogs in your photos! Not nice to tease with stuff that's not for sale - just kidding! Are the hedgehogs Wade? They look like the little figurines I've collected since I was a kid.
    Ebbo's new paintings are great! Maybe he should do some of the mice in other scenes (before the cheese had its revenge) because they ARE cute!

  3. Well spotted - yes they are Wade hedgehogs. The bloke I got them from had 4 and I got 2(from 2 different years apparently). I didn't realise at the time that they were something special - just thought they looked cute for pictures.
    The squirrel I actually picked up free with a few other things. People were packing up the stall and basically begging people to take stuff or else they will just bin them. I was hoping to sell it but it has a chip on the front and so wasn't sure if anyone would want it like that. I got a few other things I need to blog about one day...

  4. The new tiki pic does look very cool(or hot) as its fire enraged lol well done Ebbo...more mice and stuff please :)

  5. Heyyyy...I just saw this post! (I don't have much time for simply browsing my fav blogs)...the orange TIKI is GREAT!!!! What size is that one??

    Did I tell ya I've got two DEEP orange walls in my living room? (thinking of doing them a lime-y green...never quite satisfied, ya know?!)

    It's way cool Ebbo! How much?

    Atomic aka Robin :)