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If you're not a fan of tiki then I suggest you look away now.

Whilst catching up on twitter this evening I noticed a tweet from Lushpad about whether modernism and tiki could live together in harmony. I followed the link and the photo that appeared was of a spectacular tiki lounge in someone's home. I literally gasped and immediately envisioned myself here kicking back with a cocktail enjoying the sounds of exotica.

It turns out the home belongs to the authors of Tiki Quest which I had mentioned on this blog some time ago now (still not managed to get my hands on a copy yet). Check out the mug collection!

To see more photos of their amazing home (including the more 'modern' parts) visit Apartment Therapy.


  1. Wow! Amazing pictures and the collection of mugs is crazy!!!

  2. Man, oh, man!
    Those rooms ARE certainly tiki-licious! The way that they're lit is especially nice. It sets the perfect mood. I'd love to hang out there, sipping on any drink with a tiny umbrella stuck in it... ;)

    Btw, it's great to have you back in the game, MoonDoggie!

  3. Hi Ms. B - I am so jealous of that collection.

    Hi there Anthony - it's great to be back :)