Christmas Quest

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Some people may want to punch me right now but I'm already starting to prepare for Christmas. Dave and I have always been lucky enough to spend Christmas at other people's homes. When I was single, I basically went wherever my mum and dad were. This year we're having Christmas at our place!
I'm quite excited about it and have been coming up with some ideas which I've been dying to blog about but wanted to wait until Halloween and my birthday was gone. Now that Guy Fawke's Day has also passed, I'm letting loose!

I'm in charge of decoration and atmosphere and Dave is in charge of the food (phew!). I've pretty much decided on a winter wonderland theme with splashes of colour - which basically means lots of white background stuff and some multicoloured accessories. The table in this picture would be perfect! Pity it's about £500.

I'm also trying to limit tinsel and overly Christmasy decorations. The reasons being; a) I think they're easy to overdo, b) David moans about them and c) lack of storage space for things only used once a year.

These snowflake stickers were my original inspiration:

I love snow and I think these have got a pretty modern feel to them. I plan to concentrate them on a corner of the window. I should mention athat the space I've got to work with is very small. It basically consists of one rectangular shaped room about 5m by 3m (my living room). I live in a tiny flat and it's quite funny we're considering having six people for dinner here at all - but I'm up for the challenge!

The white with multicoloured highlights idea was basically the theme of my wedding so I've already got a few resources stashed away in the garage. I'm going to pull out some round fish bowl style vases which I've decided to fill with multicoloured baubles. I am surprised at how hard it is to find multicoloured packs of baubles. They tend to sell them as packs of one or two colours with only a very limited pallette. This year they want people to decorate with silver and red it seems. Luckily, I managed to pick these up on my visit to Heal's last weekend:

I would have preferred smooth and shiny rather than glittery but I think these will look great on a white tablecloth.

Now, as I am not made of money, my quest has led me to many things that I've had to pass up along the way. I love this wooden reindeer advent calendar. It has little drawers to store treats.

Not only is it hard to find multicoloured baubles this year but it is also hard to find multicoloured Christmas crackers. These would be perfect but at £40 for six, they're a bit too rich for my blood.

Whew! This turned into a mammoth post. Thanks for sticking with me. I'll update with more ideas as they happen.


  1. Have fun transforming your wee flat into a Winter Wonderland! The ideas you have so far sound nice and should work well.

    Are you going to have room for a tree of ANY size? Maybe, if you had to, you could hang your Christmas tree upside-down from the ceiling, like some people do... ;)

    I never really got that. I guess it's interesting, and it's certainly different, but I don't think it's very cozy. Christmas MUST be cozy! Besides, where are you supposed to put your presents?! They SHOULD go under the tree, but the REAL underside of the tree is up on the ceiling, so it would reason that they should go up there, right? They would just look silly sitting on the floor below a hanging tree... I don't get it! I guess I'm just too traditional. And too grumpy for my age!

    "Hey, kid, get off my lawn! It's NOT a playground!"

  2. Loving those snowflake stickers! I like to decorate for the season, rather the holiday as well, for the same lack of storage reason.

    You lucked out with not having to even think about food-wow!I hope you have fun planning this, I look forward to seeing your decor updates!

  3. I have enough room for a small tree.

    I've only really noticed those upside down trees this year - not really my thing either, Anthony.

    Leah - I know! So lucky not to worry about the food. I'm sure Dave will come to regret his decision on Christmas Day. Tee hee.

  4. The snowflake stickers are very cheery - just what we need here in So. Cal. where we just look at snow on the far mountains, if we're lucky.

    Too bad you don't have Target - you could get oodles of multi-colored decorations of all shapes and sizes. Same for the Christmas crackers - I always see those pretty cheap at Cost Plus, but I guess you don't have those stores either.

    No one ever asks me to be in charge of the food. A result of my carefully cultivated reputation that I can't cook :)