Christmas Quest Continues

18:51:00 MoonDoggie 0 Comments

Quick update on my Christmas preparations.

Have still not bought a tree as Dave was a bit reluctant to get the cone shaped one as we wouldn't be able to hang the ornaments we have on it. Sadly, I have to take his feelings into consideration sometimes and I did (It did make sense). I'm still hankering for a white tree or aluminium if one ever comes up on ebay (UK).

I've decided to replace my beige drum lampshades with white paper lanterns for the season - kind of reminiscent of snow. I'll try to take a couple 'before and after' pictures so you can see the transformation.

I would also like to hang a light curtain in the doorway between the kitchen and my living room. I understand it could be seen as tacky but what's Christmas without a little bit of tack? Besides, I think it will lend a magical quality to the room and make it appear as if the food is being produced by elves (aka Dave).

I managed to get some snowflake stickers for the window. Unfortunately, the postage for the ones I previously blogged about proved too ridiculous so I got these for a bargain £1 off ebay. I would have liked them to be in a variety of sizes but I'll see what I can do with these.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!