Tiki Tank

19:00:00 MoonDoggie 6 Comments

I want one of these for my Tiki Bar!
When I get one, that is.
The Aloha Tiki Treasures aquarium has been around for a while apparently but the price seems to have dropped a bit. I think it looks the business.


  1. Wowee Zowee!
    That is one awesome, tiki-tastic aquarium! And it would be just the perfect decorative touch for your tiki lounge, someday... Is it very big, though? You wouldn't want it to be small. I think it should be BIG enough to really make a statement and be a conversation piece.

  2. You're so right, Anthony.
    I had another look and they're only 13.5" high. I would so prefer this in a massive size. Maybe I'll meet a master wood carver one day who could knock one up for me at a bargain price.

  3. Oh me oh my! I never saw this before! You are such a doll for having the time to dig up these tiki treasures for us time-challenged folks.

    I do think it would be wonderful to have this in, say, a seven-foot-tall size, but it would also have to come with an aquarium service!

  4. Just had a look at the site, and I believe that the tank is actually 24.5" high - and 13.5" in diameter. Two feet high is not the massive, awe-inducing size of our tiki-room fantasies, but it's a pretty decent size, quite eye-catching, and much more practical to maintain. Since they only ship to the continental U.S., just one more reason for you to move out here to sunny Cali, MoonDoggie! ;)