Hairy Windows?

15:27:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

I've just installed a brand spanking new copy of Windows 7 and am now waiting for it to make my life spectacular (if the ads are to be believed).

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front the last few days but I am still recovering from a stinking cold. I've had lots of blog ideas but in my lethargy, have not been able to convince myself to write the posts.

I'll keep working on that but in the meantime,
take a look at the beautiful hair...

This video was only just blogged about on I Luv Retro Things and I can't stop saying... 'Take a look at the beautiful hair!'

Please forgive me - I'm still not very well.


  1. hey girl, thanks for the link :-)
    Glad you enjoyed it. As for windows 7, the husband got me a new laptop for christmas but I think it has windows vista on it - grrr but I'm thankful for the gift though.

  2. Oh how darling - what 'beautiful hair' ! Thanks for posting made me smile !! Hope you are all better really soon to....XXOO

  3. Amy - So annoying when you just miss out on the latest but 7 seems a lot like vista on the surface. Maybe there'll be some kind of upgrade offer?

    Kesenya - Glad I made someone else smile as well - I've even got my husband saying it now. Feeling a bit better too thanks.
    Take a look at the beautiful hair! :D

  4. Her hair really is beautiful. I refuse to believe any woman really has hair like that without a team of professionals at her disposal!

    Glad you're feeling better. I'm just getting better finally myself. Waiting, though, to see what the awful little creatures...I mean children...that I work with are going to infect me with next. :P