A Little Ray of Sunshine

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A little bit of sunshine for your cold, grey days.

This Hawaiian Express Tote Yellow is a feast for the eyes. If I didn't already have my lovely bag made by Atomic Livin' I'd be seriously tempted.

Also tempting is the smaller version as a coin purse. Here are some more of my favourites but to be quite honest I'd gladly accept any of them.

These glorious designs are the work of artist Mark Swanson. His site is a treat in itself but I was particularly impressed by 'Boutique Pacific'.

I wish I could step inside this picture. It emanates such an inviting atmosphere. Alas, I lack the power of teleportation nor the $550 needed to purchase a print.

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  1. Such fun art! Obviously a bit like Shag, but he has a lighter theme. I think I've seen his stuff before, but thanks for reminding me!