4 and 20 Eames Birds...

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I have fallen in love with this bird.

It's sleek form is made from alder wood with a black lacquer finish (and steel wire legs). It is minimal yet highly decorative in my eyes (I don't have many knick knacks).

Fellow modernists may recognise it as the 'Eames house bird'. Although the Eameses didn't actually design this bird themselves it seems to have become synonymous with them.

They apparently found it on their travels. It featured in the Eames home and they allegedly used it in many of their photographs. I say allegedly, as I was only able to find one online.

The following image appears on the packaging for this bird which is available at a range of stores (including Atomic Interiors where I obtained the above image).

Here is a picture of the bird on display in the Eames house (California):

image source: Great Buildings

If the average £100 price tag is a bit too much, how about this cute little thing from Mod Cloth. It has a similar look and is available in a range of colours with a magnetic base to keep your paper clips handy.

*UPDATE* I now have my very own authentic Eames bird! 
(I wasn't told the price but I'm sure he didn't pay £100 for it.)

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  1. Love the Eames bird, and you know, I had no idea they didn't design it! My husband checks out the huge Eames Design book (by Neuman, Neuman, & Charles Eames) from the library every single year for Christmas-New Years. I suppose I should read more text, but I'm always so engrossed by the pictures!