My Brady Haven

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I really did take photos of my tree, honest! I just can't get at them.

I have spent the last few days trying to solve my USB problems and I'm on the verge of giving up. It seems like ALL my USB devices have failed including my camera. I had the bright idea of trying them in 2 other operating systems but it seems like they're well and truly corrupted and won't work anywhere now. This is driving me insane but there MUST be a solution. I was getting dangerously close to violence and tears so I have taken a break and snuck off to the comforting world of the Brady Bunch.

And would ya looky here... Mike and Carol are drinking out of mugs with a pattern very similar to Orla Kiely's signature design (not really her design then, is it?). These pics are from two different episodes so it's nice to see the Bradys used the same props for that added touch of ... ahem... realism.

I'm still in season one which was filmed in 1969 so things aren't too 'far out' yet. In fact, some of the outfits are adorable. Those Brady girls certainly had good legs. I want Carol's bath robe/dressing gown - it's so cheery.

The Brady's house in the pilot episode is a wonderful mid century specimen and a haven for Saarinen furniture.

My beloved Saarinen tulip chairs can be seen in the kitchen;

and even the boys' room - lucky kids.

They ended up with a green and orange set for the regular episodes.

What's this... do my eyes deceive me? Yes, on the wall behind Alice's head are the same trivets that TikiMama has for sale in her shop.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to my brown and orange sanctuary - where the world was warm and welcoming and people didn't have to worry about USB ports and driver conflicts.


  1. I love those cups and I agree with you that is not really Orla Kiely's design ! That pattern was a design by Stig Lindberg one of Sweden's greatest an most popular designers, I have one bowl from 1960 called
    " Bersa bowl" . If you like this design you can check this site :
    I really adore all of your pics!!

  2. How lovely (well, not your USB problems, but the Brady Bunch)! I actually have a friend who lives just by the house used for exteriors of the Brady's home, it still looks pretty similar.