Bauble Me This

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The fabulous aluminium tree above is not mine as I am still plagued with USB problems and therefore not able to upload pics of my tree (sob). I did however, find photos of my 'special baubles' which I've been meaning to blog about.

On our honeymoon in Venice (yes, it was wonderful) we were surrounded by murano glass. On the last day I spotted this pretty Murano glass bauble hanging amongst other pretty Murano glass baubles in a little store not far from the Piazza San Marco:

It gave us an idea. We decided to buy a special bauble every year to represent each year of our marriage. This one of course represented our honeymoon and first Christmas as a married couple.
Last Christmas, we were a bit strapped for cash due to Dave's redundancy. As I'm also quite big on family history, we asked Dave's mum to pass down one of her vintage ornaments to us. To represent our lack of funds and my ongoing interest in genealogy, I chose this sweet bell ornament which had belonged to her mother since at least 1948:

This year Dave found work again (hooray!) and I bought this super cool Union Jack ornament from Heal's to represent finally being debt free (and of course my interest in mod). It cost a pretty penny but I really wanted it and after all, it'll be kept for life and perhaps one day become someone else's heirloom.

These baubles have been a great way to reminisce about our life together so far and will help us keep these memories for the future. I also got my cool vintage tree decorations this year, so when we gaze upon them each year, we will recall the first time we hosted a Christmas Meal.

What are your Christmas traditions?


  1. I reckon I should have a Union Jack bauble. Or perhaps a whole tree of them!

    My wife (who's from the USA) and I could perhaps each have duelling patriotic Christmas trees! :)

    I'll suggest it to her for next year.

    PS Venice must have been a glorious place to go on honeymoon!

  2. You could make it some kind of egg cracking competition like at Easter and see whose bauble breaks first. Rule Brittania!

    Venice was indeed glorious. Dave, who's not easily impressed still raves about it.

  3. Oh I love vintage ornaments. so cute. I love the fist picture!!

  4. i never get tired of tinsel and twinkle lights - thanks for the shiny brites!