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Here's yet another thing I've fallen for.

I desperately want one of these plastic elephant money boxes but at a reasonable price.

They are available in different sizes and three different colours - green, yellow and orange/red. I would gladly accept one in ANY colour.

These gorgeous creatures were given away by banks in the 60s and 70s and widely believed to be designed by Luigi Colani. Apparently, this is incorrect. According to this site, the only elephant Colani designed was this black one with coloured stripes in 1984:

To be honest, I don't really care who designed them as they are truly things of beauty. However, hopefully if word spreads the prices will come down and I'll be able to raise an entire family of them.
Image source: Chilli_Ian on flickr


  1. These little elephants are really cool, I've never seen them before. Thanks so much for nominating me for a Homie. You rock!

    Happy Holidays! XOXO - Marsi

  2. They def used to have one on here so maybe keep checking back: www.hisforhome.co.uk

  3. Hello from planetutopia, thanks for posting the pic of my elephants from flickr, they look great, i'm selling the red elephant on ebay starting price 99p, with worldwide postage.
    item number 120520931040 starts Jan 21st at 20.30 I'' be selling more elephants in the next few weeks. :)

  4. Just wanted to let you guys know that i'm giving away a Colani Elephant money box in my July Draw, all you have to do is click the like button on my facebook page, I'm a tiny company and with 40 likes so far you have a high chance of winning. I'm happy to post the elephant worldwide, So goodluck elephant lovers. www.planetutopia.co.uk