A Clue?

21:35:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

I've just come across this ceramic cat money bank on eBay:

It reminds me a lot of the enigmatic yellow object seen on The Brady Bunch which I blogged about here. The style is similar to the kind of thing I imagine would be on the Brady object's face.

The plot thickens... or does it? What do you think fellow sleuths?


  1. Funny, I think I saw the same cat on eBay and thought of your mystery.

    If that's not the same exact color, then my eyes are worse than I thought!

    It's got to be a lion...

  2. I love The Brady Bunch. How did you remember that image of on top of the TV. Even crazier, how did you find a photo of it?! Ha ha! You're too cool!

  3. 1950s - I agree. Has to be a lion.

    Ally - I've been watching all the Brady Bunch episodes (it's my mission). When I saw that episode the yellow object on the tv intrigued me and I was desperate to see the whole thing but they never showed the front/face. This piqued my curiosity even more.
    (on the right sidebar you can search my blog for any other Brady Bunch posts - maybe I should put a link up, hmmm)
    When I watch them on my pc I can clip images from the screen.
    I like to think I'm cool too... some might call this behaviour otherwise. ha ha!:D

  4. this made me think of your post as well...
    although it's small and only holds a taper, it's just so cute.

  5. You're right missgrova - it has got a similar feel to it. Thanks for thinking of me :)

    Keep on sleuthing people!