Shinzi KatOH!

21:47:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

In November last year, I bought a Shinzi Katoh notebook. I like it so much that I avoid using it to 'save' it (been that way since I was a kid sadly). I have just been drooling over the Japanese based Shinzi Katoh website.
image via thisnext

Above is one of his posters that I would love to have.
I think these shampoo/lotion bottles would look great in my bathroom (compared to the less than aesthetic shampoo product packaging). At first I thought, 'Why?', then I thought, 'Aaah'.

Let's face it, I would be blissfully happy with ANY thing from that site.


  1. I totally want that lamp and that awesome phone! It's crazy how objects can make us so happy!