Brady Mystery Solved?

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I think I may have solved the puzzle of the mystery Brady Bunch object!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, read my post King of the Brady Jungle.

I was perusing the Mid Century Modern Ceramics & Tableware pool on flickr when I came across this picture:

via germanmodernist on flickr

I've had a bit of a thing for mid century ceramic animals lately so I went to research more on Aldo Londi for Bitossi.  I came across a post by Happy Mundane (back in 2007) which included a picture of this ceramic cat designed by Aldo Londi:

image via vessel

This has to be it, right?
The LINE RIMINI ROSSO VENEZIANO (Cat figurine) was reissued by Flavia but is sadly now sold out.

This description from the Flavia website:
The cat's long body is hand-thrown on the wheel with other pieces, applied by hand.
Embossed with the popular "Rimini" pattern covering the entire object. "Veneziano" red colour with semi-matt glaze. Red clay with refractory.
I presume they were originally made in different colours, although the Brady one doesn't seem to have any pattern.  Here's one of the pics for comparison:

What do you think?


  1. I agree that yes, that has to be it!!
    I think it is TOTALLY cool that you were able to discover this!
    That is one cool cat - and I hope for you that you find one some day.

  2. Wow! It's a Bitossi?

    Mom bought a blue Bitossi bird back in the day. I sort of hated it, until I discovered what they are worth! Wowsa!

    So ever since, I'd kept my eye on Bitossi's on eBay, but never saw the cat, and I also had my eye out for your Brady Bunch mystery item as I combed over the vintage auctions.

    Looks like mystery solved!

  3. Thanks Heidi Ann - I hope I do too (for a bargain price of course).

    1950s - I found your post about the Bitossi bird while I was 'researching'. And this cat seems to be very popular on the blog front - I just never came across it before. I'm glad I found it, just a shame I have such expensive tastes!

  4. Don't you hate that?

    I used to love LOVE Art Deco. I still do, but it's a habit I will likely never be able to afford at the rate which I would like to acquire.

    So I content myself with looking at other people's collections and sigh a lot lol...

  5. Yes it is the same design. There is another episode in which you can see it more clearly. One was also used on " the lucy show" ....episode; " the ceramic cat" was white and black. I saw a blue one sold on ebay several years back...