Ebbo's Animalia and Orange Grove

11:53:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

My resident artist (and husband), Ebbo, has been busy this weekend. 

The first piece, Orange Tree, was also based on a sketch he did ages ago while watching tv one night.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to a scanner right now to show the original sketch but it developed into this massive (ridiculously difficult to photograph) 42in x 35in painting:

Next is this fancy caterpillar (on a 7in x 5in board):

It was based on this caterpillar from a series of animal drawings he did (that I managed to scan ages ago):

Here are some other animal sketches from what I call the fancy series:

You may recognise the cat from Ebbo's recent painting, Pride (seen here).

You can see more animals from the 'fancy' series (including a fabulous gorilla) on Artbreak.


  1. Ooo ahhh I love the tree. My eye is always attracted to colors of red and orange.

    He's very talented!

  2. Oh, I love your husband's animal drawings, and that caterpillar painting is the beginning of a perfect childrens book!