Hippies Make Me Happie

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image via Changes.org

I've literally spent 5 hours trying to get my scanner to work this evening and it's just not happening.  I wanted to show some of my grandma's old photos but instead I'll talk about hippies.

A comment from 1950s Atomic Ranch House to my post about the 1970 issue of TEEN magazine got me researching the Haight-Ashbury 'hippie invasion' in the summer of 1967.  I found a couple of really cool videos on History.com about this event. 

This one (set to Cream's Sunshine of Your Love), gives you a brief yet informative explanation of what went down;

and this one is from a British report of the invasion from 1967 - worth watching for the dancing hippies alone (beginning at 2:07) or the toff pronunciation of 'hippie' at the beginning.


  1. In 1978-1979 my best friend and I really got into the "hippie" thing. We memorized the album "Hair", wore "hippie" clothes and bemoaned the fact we were born 10 years too late. (10 years seems like a long time when you are young lol).

    By then, no one was doing the hippie thing any more. And we're talking liberal southern CA. Seems to me it was a trend when I was younger still, around 1970-72, but it faded fast.

    What does any of this mean? It means when you get old, you start to tell stories called "I remember when" lol...... Meaning, it means nothing ha ha.

  2. I SO totally dig the hippie/haight ashbury era, and I'm right into those funky art posters they made too.