Vintage Click

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I managed to scan a few photos using a friend's scanner tonight so here is the first 'Vintage Click' post in quite a while.

This is a photograph of my grandmother taken in 1969.  The building behind her is the James Cook University library in Townsville, Australia. You may remember this building from one of the posts I did about trying to locate 'Googie' outside the U.S (go here).

I think her outfit is quite cute (for an older lady) and if my eyes don't deceive me, I do believe she's wearing gloves - chic!


  1. From a distance she looks a lot like my mother looked in 1969, only I know she was never in Australia! In the US, I believe ladies had begun to stop wearing white gloves in the late 1960s, maybe about the same time men stopped wearing hats. Nicely composed photo by the way!

  2. You calling my grandma out of date, Atom? Only kidding.
    This must have been a special occasion as I don't recall ever seeing any other pictures of her wearing gloves. I know the Queen came for the university's proclamation the next year so it wasn't for that.
    As for the composition, I imagine my grandfather took it as he was quite interested in photography. His father was a photographer who story has it, took a picture of Edward VIII which the then prince liked so much he asked for his own personal copy. I have a copy of the photo around somewhere...

  3. Love older family photos! I need to take more digitals of my own...

    Australia looks so much like southern California where I live. In parts or areas, not all of it lol... The mountains and the trees. They brought a lot of eucalyptus trees here in the 30's to try to forest them for wood and used a lot of them as wind breaks between farmers plots of land to help keep the soil from blowing away.

    In fact, a lot of Aussie plants are now common here since the growing zones are about the same. Hot and dry for months at a time lol...

  4. You're a font of knowledge Atomic!
    I didn't know any of that - except that it was hot and dry in both places.
    I don't like the smell of eucalyptus but people seem to really dig those trees.

  5. She looks like a very trendy lady!