Marvelous Monkees

20:02:00 MoonDoggie 7 Comments

I forgot to say, my lovely mother-in-law also gave me this Monkees album, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.  She tells me that she bought it back in 1967 - as soon as the record came out.  So cool!

Did I ever tell you how much I love The Monkees?


  1. I love the Monkees! did you ever see their movie Head? So bizarre.

  2. Well, now I am so jealous !!! That is such a nice rare record, you are sooooooo lucky! Enjoy the muusic !

  3. I remember watching them back in the 1960's, for awhile they came on every week. Wow that is taking it back in time aways -teehee

    I love the song STEPPING STONE the best but they have so many good songs.

    Your album could be a collectors item, some of them old albums are worth a good price.
    Nice of you MIL to give it to you.

  4. wow that is awesome! I love daydream believer, which one was the pisces though?

  5. You know I was a huge Monkees fan, right? I have to say that I think I preferred their early pop songs to their later psychedelic stuff, the same went for The Beatles. Head was the freakiest movie, Sadako! I was all about Micky - interviewed him as a kid reporter :) my claim to fame...

  6. Sadako - yes I've seen Head - bit of a head trip alright!

    Blue Home & Jann - don't think it'd be worth much as it's not in the best condition but it's valuable to me because of the family story attached.

    Amy - good question! I googled and Micky was Pisces, Peter - Aquarius, Mike and Davy are both Capricorn (and same birthday) so they put Jones on the end.

    Ally - yes I know. I read a couple of your Monkees posts but I didn't know you met Micky - he was my absolute favourite! I also preferred their earlier stuff but I still like some of their trippier stuff. We really do have a lot in common!

  7. Big fan of record covers from that era. Dang kids and their mp3s don't know what they're missin'.