Crochet Update

21:54:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

Please excuse the unironed duvet cover
- ironed bed linen is just not how I roll

Just a quick update on the crochet blanket situation.
I put them all together to see how many more I need (loads more!) and was quite impressed.
I think its looking good but am starting to get nervous about joining them altogether.  The other circles I showed in my initial crochet post had to be ditched because I'd miscounted and so wasn't able to make the square sides. 

I need to make at least four times as many more but the idea is not so daunting because I find it quite therapeutic.


  1. I knitted something very similar last year.....small squares of different colours. Turned into a nice little blanket.
    Yours is very pretty and colourful. Nice job.

  2. Thanks Jim. Was it easy enough to join the squares together?