Eyeball Candy

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I watched The Time Traveller's Wife a while ago and this cool eyeball lamp really stood out.

Another glimpse:

I want one and I want it yellow but I'll take orange or green or maybe even white.  Unfortunately I've only been able to find a modern equivalent in chrome (via Maisons Du Monde).  This would be perfectly adequate if it weren't for the colour - I want a little sunshine in my life!
Another pic to get some idea of size - 160cm tall and good sized [...ahem] balls:

However, Ms 1950s Atomic Ranch has given me an idea.  In a comment to my previous post about drink trolleys, she suggested spraying over the trays with paint (if they were metal).  Is it possible to spray paint the lamp yellow? And if possible, would it look any good?

Sure, I'd prefer vintage but there doesn't seem to be any around and I do worry about the safety of vintage electrical items.  That said it also seems a bit silly to me to buy something new and 'vandalise' it.  Hmmm...


  1. How ironic, I just watched this movie myself. =) Well, watched most of it.

    Hey, if you want to see amazing 1960's interior design, right up your alley Moondoggie, get the move called "A Serious Man" (2009). Now whether or not you like the movie will be debatable, but I thought of you as I saw the rich warm orange interiors the homes had. Enough interior shots to make it well worth at least one watch. I stopped watching 'Time Traveller' to watch 'A Serious Man'. =D

    As for the lamp: I once bought a very large floor lamp with four curving arms and bulbs which had originally been a gold metal color, but the Thrift Store spray painted it a flat black. It looks great BUT the only thing you have to watch out for, is scratching or scraping the paint, because it will scratch off. But, if you are like me, you just turn it on and off and don't run your fingernails up and down it, or have a metal chair close to it that might scrape it.

    Hope all this helps. =)

  2. A Serious Man? I'm on it...

    That paint thing is a bit of a worry. Although I'd use a shiny/glossy paint I'm worried it wouldn't end up with the same smooth appearance and I would've wrecked some lovely new lamp. I think I'm gonna sit on this for a bit. Cross my fingers and hope to discover what I want 'in the wild'.

  3. Yes, "A Serious Man", you will love it! They could not have picked a better post-war, baby boomer atomic ranch house style neighborhood either lol. Kudos to whoever did the set designs.

    I bet if you took that lamp to an auto body painting place, they could give it a professional paint job. That may be too expensive, but that's a thought.

    Meh, I've painted furniture before that I wasn't sure about, and other times I was glad I didn't. Hard to decide.

    I'm still holding out for the right couch for my living room, new or vintage. I think it will take a lot of patience.

  4. That is a pretty cool lamp. Though i know how you feel. Watching the Jersey Shore season 1 made me really want to buy a duck phone...and destroy it. Ok, maybe it doesn't totally relate. :)

  5. ha - Good thing I've never watched the Jersey Shore then. Although it does make me feel dirty that I even know about the show at all...