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I found a nice, new blog while I was coughing up a lung at about 4am this morning - Quest Twenty Eight.  The first blog post I read pointed the way to a new site called  They're aiming to be purveyors of affordable design furniture and what I've seen so far is impressive. 

There's also a voting section where the most popular of a selection of pieces will be made.  I really hope the grey sofa bed (pictured above) wins.  At £169 it's affordable enough for us to buy now (to replace our crippled couch) and then when we move into a bigger place it can be transferred to 'the spare room' for visiting guests.  Vote here to make this dream a reality for me.

Or you may prefer to vote for this sideboard instead:
If neither of those two don't take your fancy I could handle having this corner sofa instead at £499:

There's already a similar version of the sofa bed made with PU leather and available in black, brown or cream (pictured here);
but I'd prefer the cloth.

If you want to know more about the company you can read an article from  Meanwhile, I've got my finger on the trigger for this bubble lamp:

More coolness:


  1. I voted! And also, I'm super-envious of you guys. Hopefully MADE will be in the U.S. soon.

    You're sick? So sorry to hear that. Feel better MoonDoggie!

  2. awww sorry you are sick!! It sucks. =( Get well soon!

    I hope to find a couch I can live with one day... One day lol... That has been the hardest to find: Either 50's original in a color I want, or a modern 50's style, in a color I want, that I can AFFORD! It's not too much to ask for, is it?

    Sorry I have been a bit MIA, work is threatening to suck up ALL my free time. =/

  3. Yes a friend got a bow lamp there, super nice! But they don't have it anymore... :(

  4. Thanks for voting Marsi :)

    And thanks for the get well wishes, ladies. I have a nasty cold which I could put up with if it wasn't for the incessant coughing - it's making it hard to breathe!

    No need to apologise 1950s - I know exactly how you feel. That's why I fell off the radar a bit too.

  5. Thank you for the mention Moon Doggie!
    I love that Sofa bed too - do you think it's a single or double when flattened out? Hard to tell from the measurements. My current office-sofa-bed is only suitable for two very skinny people - I could do with an upgrade.

  6. No probs Q28. I would say this one would probably only fit 2 skinny people too. This would still be an upgrade for our guests who tend to just sleep on cushions on the floor!