Beware! The Blob

09:45:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

I was listening to the latest edition of 'The Quiet Village' podcast - a must for tikiphiles - when I heard a catchy little ditty.  It was the theme from the original 1958 movie, 'The Blob'.

(You may want to skip to about the 1 minute mark as there's quite a long intro)

Beware of the blob...
it creeps and leaps and glides
and slides across the floor,
right through the door
and all around the wall
- a blotch, a splotch
be careful of the blob.

What a fun little tune for something so terrifyingly fearsome.  I'm ashamed to say I've never seen this classic movie and have now made arrangements to do so this Halloween.

Here is a trailer for 'The Blob' (starring Steve McQueen and a cast of exciting young people) - they play this trailer at the drive-in in Grease.  Included is it's 1972 sequel, 'Son of Blob' (which looks absolutely hilarious).


  1. Saw this movie in the movie theater, back in the day. =) It's a scream! lol...

  2. Y'know, somehow I've managed to miss this gem, too. I really dig that hip intro song! And you're so right about the strange juxtaposition between such a light, upbeat ditty and the movie's actual sinister subject matter... I guess it's a HUGE clue NOT to take the flick very seriously. But, then, how could anyone??

    Have fun watching it on Halloween! Wish I could be there, too, laughing/gasping right along with you. ;)