My Love is Like a Red, Red Tulip

20:03:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

I've been sitting on these in my favourites folder for a while now.  Red leather lounge chairs with tulip bases.
Not sure if they're still available but they can be found on from NOHO Modern.  They don't name a particular maker.

For some reason, I seem to think I live in a large Eichler home. There is NOWHERE to put these chairs in my flat. In my dream home though...


  1. Sweet!

    At one time, my art Studio had way too much furniture! I stacked tables on top of each other because I just HAD to have them!

    Arg even with a whole house, I have to sit on my hands an awful lot to keep from buying more furniture lol... Must... Not... Clutter... The... House...

  2. I can see why you like these. Love the comfort of leather. And the red really sets them off.