Festive Fraud

09:14:00 MoonDoggie 8 Comments

I'm not so sure about these faux vintage baubles from Anthropologie (found via RetroToGo).
Dubbed 'Instant Heirloom Glitter Ornaments', they are new but have been made to look old complete with retro packaging.

I really liked the look of them... until I looked closer.

Why couldn't they just leave them looking new?  If they looked new (as they should), I'd be able to pretend I really was 'back in the day' - where everything was bright and shiny.  But they don't and I can't even daydream about the former life they may have had which is part of the charm of vintage objects.

I prefer my aged look to be authentic.  What do you guys think?


  1. My problem with vintage repros, is that they are always more expensive than true vintage (99% of the time). Vintage Christmas ornaments are very affordable if you buy off-season (unless you are into the real antique stuff, that's different).

    Someone else had a post for a repro mid-century lighting store and I said the same thing. I guess the owner of the online store didn't appreciate my comment when they invited that blogger to be linked to their site! Hey, truth is the truth!! lol... Why spend $400 on a fake when you can buy real at $100 - $200.

  2. I know what you mean.
    I reckon we'll be seeing those on ebay in a couple years' time advertised as authentic vintage. :/

  3. What is the point of making something
    look old?! I was lucky to pick up some
    lovely old USED and most importantly
    PRE LOVED balls and wood ornaments
    before the big christmas rush. I Love
    them! (Check them out on my blog)
    They are getting harder to find, being
    fragile and all. I will not be parting
    with them in a hurry!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Someone said the "Sputnik" ornaments (they are really Star of Bethlehem named and shape) are being reproduced at Target stores here in the US, being sold as "vintage" on eBay. No wonder I see so many of them. =/

  5. I think what bothers me most is that people WILL start passing these things off as real vintage items on eBay, and people will be duped. If stores have a market for repros, fine...but when unscrupulous or unwitting sellers pass them off as genuine, I have a problem with that.

  6. Sue - I got some gorgeous vintage baubles last year and I shall probably keep them forever.

    1950s and Dana - I guess it's 'buyer beware', huh? Shame.

  7. I agree with Dana, it would be so disappointing to think you're buying vintage only to discover that you weren't.

    But for me one of the main reasons that I love vintage things is the idea that they were already loved and used by someone before me. So faux-vintage just doesn't do it for me. Intentionally distressed finish isn't the same as something that's distressed from use or rowdy kids. There's no history.

  8. There's no anthropologie store in Australia :-( I have been on the hunt for authentic vintage ornaments for ages now and found a bag of fab ones today!!! Post to follow :-)