Puff Daddy

19:06:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

I was disappointed to miss out on these puffer fish.  Ugly little suckers, aren't they?

Any tiki afficionado knows that these are vital to set the atmosphere in their tiki establishment - in my case the corner of my lounge room above my fish tank.  Especially when they're lit up.  Here is a vintage shot of some hanging in a Don the Beachcombers:

via swankpad.org
Ah well, I'm sure I'll have even better ones when my home tiki bar is up and running - lights and all.


  1. I've been missing a lot of bids lately =/

    Oh well, the things we want will come to us. =)

  2. Those are cool! I've never seen them lit up before!

  3. Aw darn! I don't have any pufferfish yet either, so don't worry...someday!

  4. There's a Tiki Cocktail bar in Manchester that has these hanging from the ceiling as their. I'm fascinated by them! They also serve their cocktails in giant Tiki glasses. Brilliant!