"Cavern It Large"

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Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles first appearance at the Cavern.

Sadly, the original site was demolished (or filled in) in 1973 but a replica was built across the street.  I visited Liverpool a few years ago and saw a Hungarian Beatles tribute act (called The Premier Beatles) play in the new site.  It's an incredible shame that the original is no more but the replica seems to have done a good job of recreating the scene. 

The dim lighting allowed me to pretend I was really there during those heady days of the Mersey Beat.

The bar:

A costume change for playing the later catalogue:

Ebbo getting friendly with John:

It was a great evening. 

I will regale you with further Liverpool adventures soon - I'm off to watch a 'documentary' about people who were REALLY there 50 years ago.


  1. OMG, it seems absolutely impossible that it could have been 50 years ago...but it was 48 years ago, with my friend Sharon in her red VW bug, that we heard "Please Please Me" on the radio for the first time. We were sophomores in high school and had just left the Dairy Queen. I remember it like yesterday.

  2. Wonderful...I've been to England but have not visited Liverpool yet, hopefully next time. They just opened up a Beatles themed hotel near the original location of the Cavern. February is a great month for Beatles anniversaries - they played The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964.