A Very Brady Series

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Spurred on by yesterday's post about the Fake Jan Festival,  I had resumed watching season 4 of the Brady Bunch when it occurred to me that I hadn't posted about season 3 yet!

So without further adieu, here are the highlights of  the 1971-72 season of the Brady Bunch.

Surprise! A craptastic journey to hell.
I have to admit, season 3 started on a low point for me.  I was not interested in the 3 part season opener where the Bradys head to the Grand Canyon.  I have no problem with the Grand Canyon, in fact I'd love to go there myself one day.  However, nine people living in a caravan on a long distance trip is not my idea of a vacation - even if it is, "the big folding down kind". 

That was not my only concern.  Carol Brady, who had finished the previous year with a perfectly sensible hairdo had suddenly sprouted her infamous mullet and I wasn't sure what else lay in wait for me as we moved even further away from my beloved 1960s. 

It started out cautiously in September...
... but by March the mullet was firmly ensconced on Carol's head.
Season 3 proved to be a corker, however, and contained many iconic episodes.

After getting through the Grand Canyon ordeal, I was excited to see Terry the Tiger/Toad (from American Grafitti - one of my favourite movies):

Greg had bought a lemon and was trying to palm it off to the nearest gullible person. 

Other highlights:

Marcia dates Greg's nemesis, "that crumb", Warren Mullaney to get back at Greg for trying to tell her what to do.  Greg in turn dates "Miss Rah Rah", Kathy Lawrence who beat Marcia at cheerleading tryouts or something.

The infamous Marcia, Marcia, Marcia rant from Jan.

Pork chops and apple sauce, anyone?

Marcia gets Davy Jones to perform at the school dance.

Jan is afraid that wearing glasses will make her look "positively goofy".

The Brady's first outing as a family singing group is almost ruined by Peter's voice breaking. When it's time to change, it's time to rearrange...

Will season 4 be able to top these legendary Brady moments?


  1. Oh boy, I have to admit, back when this series was first running, I thought it was really stupid! *blush* Now I watch old reruns and it's got it's own vintage charm! =D But the "cool kids" didn't like it, and if you admitted you did, you were NOT cool lol...

    I had trouble enjoying The Partridge Family too, well, except David Cassidy was so damn cute tee hee...

    I think I once kissed a picture of him in Tiger Beat magazine. Now there is a confession!!!

  2. It IS quite stupid. The dialogue is lame and cheesy and I rarely ever laugh at the jokes, yet I still enjoy watching it. It's a real feast for the eyes.

    I'm only really able to watch it when Ebbo is out or otherwise occupied. Despite this, I've become quite obsessed with everything Brady (as well as Gidget).

  3. Don't you just feel like cutting that fringe off the back of Carol's hair?

    And I just love your blog :)

  4. Yes, Katie Jean, yes I do.

    And thankyou so much - I hope you stick around :D

  5. The thing about the Brady's is their target audience was kids and 70's kids at that. So it's not surprising we find them cheesy or corny or even lame. However, I've been watching The Brady Bunch with my own kids recently (airing on the Inspiration channel here in the US) and while they laugh at their clothes, they also laugh at the jokes and predicaments the Brady's get into.

  6. Thanks for your comment Tom.

    I'm no expert but I'm not sure the show was originally intended to be a kids program. Also, when I first noticed it being re-aired as a kid/teen my mother who was a 70s kid claimed it was 'rubbish'. That said - I always recall her saying she liked Eve Plumb.

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not meaning to slag the show off as I get a real kick out of it.